Capacitor plant "Nucon" represents the brand "Made in Russia" on the MEI in Dubai

The company "Nucon energy" ("Nucon Energy" LLC) with the support of the Russian export center has been able to demonstrate the highest quality and is indicative of the progressiveness of electrical products of our "capacitor" plant at the international exhibition Middle East Electricity (MEE) in Dubai, which was held in DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE in the United Arab Emirates from March 6th to 8th this year.

"Nucon energy" team, professional management and General Director of the company, Karen Khalapyan, who oversaw the presentation of Z2.J39 in the Transmission and distribution Pavilion of Dubai exhibition and trade center, highly appreciated the opportunity to demonstrate innovations in the direction of energy saving, energy efficiency in the field of transmission and consumption of electricity, and the unprecedented responsibility for the promotion and promotion in the world of high-quality energy products under the national brand "Made in Russia".

Middle East Electricity, as a world-class event in the field of energy production, transmission and distribution of electricity, lighting, solar energy, is traditionally one of the most visited by manufacturers and consumers of innovative equipment and technologies, and is sponsored by the largest corporations and holdings in the world.

The most advanced and modern developments of the automation and control systems, cable installation, switching cables and cable systems, communication equipment, energy management systems, energy storage devices, electrical distribution equipment, insulation materials, lighting, new and renewable energy sources, nuclear power, power distribution systems, electronics, electric generators, transformers, capacitors and reactive power compensation units, etc. will be presented at the MEE. During the exhibition in the framework of the MEE was to host world summit on energy issues (Global Smart Energy Summit), which brings together leaders in the energy sector, regulators, utilities, contractors, consultants and end-users of energy.

On the MEE in Dubai on stand Z2.J39 capacitor plant "Nucon" from Moscow presented power anti-interference, motor, lighting compensation capacitors, and installation of alternating current for power factor correction power – adjustable and non-adjustable. All products of "Nucon Energy" LLC are developed, manufactured and already successfully operated in Russia, the neighboring countries, and now the company enters the world market under the brand name "Made in Russia".

The General Director of the company, Karen Khalapyan, evaluates the competitive potential of the products of the capacitor plant " Nucon "as very high and is proud that" Nucon energy " can demonstrate the highest level of quality and progress of capacitors and capacitor plants for reactive power compensation, manufactured in Moscow according to Russian technologies and Russian specialists.

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